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Penreco has developed a unique system for thickening and gelling hydrocarbon materials.

With an infinite number of customized rheological properties available, these Versagel® products are clear, colorless, hydrophobic, thermally reversible and without syneresis.

Penreco’s Versagel® products are available in multiple viscosity ranges and are compatible with many common cosmetic ingredients. Versagel® products are visually appealing, odorless and do not discolor with age. They are easier and safer to formulate with than gels that use metal stearates or fumed silica and they provide fragrance retention in skin care products and furnish waterproofing properties to sunscreen products.

ProductBase MaterialDescriptionPDF
Versagel® MMineral OilGelled mineral oil provides increased moisturization and convenience over regular mineral oil.
Versagel® MCIsohexadecaneGelled isohexadecane known for its light and silky skin feel. Also known for it’s silicone
compatibility, slip, shine, and cleansing properties.

Versagel® MDIsododecaneGelled isododecane provides a highly volatile emollient with light, non-greasy, and low residue skin feel. Ideal for delivering pigments and other solid materials in quick-set/fast-dry anhydrous applications.
Versagel® MEHydrogenated PolyisobuteneGelled hydrogenated polyisobutene is very light, non-greasy, and has good spreading properties. It is easily emulsified, has a wide range of chemical compatibility and is a great mineral oil free alternative.
Versagel® MGHydrogenated PolyolefinGelled hydrogenated poly(C6 -14 olefin) provides a silky non-greasy skin feel. Can be used to replace silicones in a wide range of applications.
Versagel® MLC12-C15 Alkyl BenzoateGelled C12-15 alkyl benzoate provides a light, dry, and non-greasy skin feel. It’s known as an emulsifier and solubilizer for sunscreen agents and antiperspirant actives.
Versagel® MNIsononyl IsononanoateGelled isononyl isononanoate provides a dry, silky, and non-greasy skin feel. Other benefits include silicone solubilization and pigment dispersion.
Versagel® MPIsopropyl PalmitateGelled isopropyl palmitate acts as a fast spreading emollient. Provides moisturization and efficient absorption combined with soft and supple texture.
Versagel® PPetrolatumGelled petrolatum provides higher moisturization and occlusivity than regular petrolatum.
Versagel® SHydrogenated Polyisobutene and amino acid derivativeGelled translucent hydrogenated polyisobutene solid gel that combines elastic and crystalline textures. The emollient is light, non-greasy, and has good suspension properties. It has a wide range of chemical compatibility and is easily emulsified. It can be used alone or as a rheology modifier
Versagel® SQSqualaneGelled form of squalane derived from plant sugar is a sustainable replacement for shark and olive squalene. It closely mimics the body's natural moisturizers and is absorbed quickly and effectively, without leaving greasy residue on the skin.
Versagel® SFC13-14 IsoparaffinA gelled C13-14 isoparaffin especially suitable as a silicone replacement in hair care applications. Provides excellent feel, shine, lubricity, and formulation compatibility.
Product Applications

Penreco specializes in NICHE PRODUCT BLENDING to meet customer specific requirements.

If you have questions regarding this product, or need help finding the right product for your formulation, please contact or call us at 1-800-437-3188.

Personal Care Applications for Hydrocarbon Gels

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