The Penreco® gelled technology is used in thousands of cosmetic and personal care products around the world. For more than 100 years, Penreco has specialized in niche product blending to meet customer specific requirements, so we know the importance of producing sustainable, eco-friendly, safe and performance-driven products.

Versagel SF and Versagel HSQ offer silicone free alternatives for haircare formulations with the flexibility to create customized solutions for various hair types and textures. Supporting studies demonstrate both products improve key properties including shine and frizz compared to a leading commercial benchmark.

Versagel HSQ

Versagel HSQ is based on Hemisqualane (C13-15 Alkane), a non-volatile emollient derived from plant sugar that is inherently biodegradable, ECOCERT-approved, NPA Natural Seal Certified, and a USDA Certified bio-based product. Based off ISO 16128, the Natural Origin Index for Versagel® HSQ 200 T is .93

Versagel SF

The Versagel SF product offers a silicone-free alternative for haircare with flexibility to suit a formulator’s unique needs.  The gelled structure is based on Isoparaffin.

Versagel Hair Treatment

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