Calumet Completes Upgrade to Karns City Plant

Plant expansion improves hydrocarbon gel production and achieves cGMP quality.

Karns City, PA—Calumet Karns City Refining held a Grand Opening event today to share the upgrades that have been made to the facility through a multi-million-dollar investment. These upgrades made Karns City a cGMP quality plant and provides additional product supply sourcing options for the company.

FDA regulations dictate the standards for cGMP compliance, or Current Good Manufacturing Practices. According to the FDA website, “CGMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.”

The Penreco brand specializes in niche product blending to meet specific customer requirements

“Another way to look at it is that cGMP means that not only does the end product pass muster, but that the manufacturing process that creates that product is high-quality,” said Calumet Karns City Plant Manager Bill Cramer. “We are very proud to show that we take quality seriously from the very first step of the manufacturing process.”

Hydrocarbon gel products are marketed to makers of personal care products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many other industries under the Calumet-owned Penreco brand name. These products carry the Penreco-exclusive names of Versastique™, Versagel®, and Synergel® and are available in a number of viscosities. These unique materials are used to make products like lip balm, body lotion, body wash, cosmetics, skin moisturizer, sun care products and more.

“The Penreco brand specializes in niche product blending to meet specific customer requirements,” said Calumet General Manager Brad Onofrio. “This is a better way to formulate and allows us to customize our Versagel blend based on the needs of the end product or customer.”

Government officials, Calumet customers and media were invited to see the plant upgrades at a Grand Opening ceremony. Calumet CEO Tim Go opened the ceremony, and Onofrio and Cramer also spoke.

About Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P.
Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. (NASDAQ: CLMT) is a master limited partnership and a leading independent producer of high-quality, specialty hydrocarbon products in North America. Calumet processes crude oil and other feedstocks into customized lubricating oils, solvents and waxes used in consumer, industrial and automotive products; produces fuel products including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Calumet is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and operates 11 manufacturing facilities located in Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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