Eggs are an important source of nutrients for many people around the world. However, they are highly perishable, and begin to lose quality immediately after being laid.

To help eggs maintain their original grading, Penreco offers an FDA-approved white mineral oil that can be applied as a coating and act as a protective barrier to preserve the internal quality of eggs.

A stability study examined the shelf-life of eggs coated with mineral oil from Penreco and found a synergistic relationship between mineral oil coating and refrigeration in extending stability. Moreover, mineral oil coating reduced weight loss of eggs by more than ten times (approximately 0.85% for coated and 8.78% for noncoated eggs). Under refrigerated storage, mineral oil coating extended the shelf-life of chicken eggs by 10 more weeks compared with the noncoated eggs, i.e. a shelf life of 15 weeks compared with 5 weeks, respectively.

Jirangrat, W., et al. (2010), Effects of mineral oil coating on internal quality of chicken eggs under refrigerated storage. International Journal of Food Science & Technology, 45: 490-495.

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