Candle Versagel

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Penreco offers a series of candle gels under the Versagel® brand name. These gels are specially formulated for candle making and offer flash points of 450 °F and a (typical) sustained burn (Fire Point) of 500 °F. The water white Penreco Versagel offers:
· Thermal reversibility
· No syneresis (oil bleed)
· Excellent suspension and dispersion properties

In addition, each Versagel® grade is designed for different fragrance capacities:
· Versagel® CLP is designed for fragrance loads of 0-4%,
· Versagel® CMP designed for fragrance loads of 3-6%,
· And Versagel® CHP grade designed for suspension of ingredients such as glitter, and specialty pigments.

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Penreco specializes in NICHE PRODUCT BLENDING to meet customer specific requirements.

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