Face masks are becoming an essential tool in today’s COVID-19 world. While they offer valuable protection, they can frequently cause irritation and chaffing on the skin.

Penreco has developed a new anti-chafe stick formulation to help protect and moisturize skin – VersaFace.

Using the new Versastique™ Low Melt product line, this stick can help reduce skin irritation caused by prolonged mask usage. Using Versastique Low Melt in formulations like VersaFace can significantly reduce friction while maintaining optimal payout — without sacrificing stability of your stick products.

The Versastique line delivers on the promise of a Better Way to Formulate as a base ingredient for finished products with a small percentage of other ingredients!  All you have to do is Melt Mix Pour! Our newest formula consists of 99.8% moisturizing base material, Versastique Low Melt ME 5T, plus 0.1% Vitamin A Palmitate, and 0.1% Clear Vitamin E.  (Versaface Formulation Card)

For more than 100 years, Penreco has specialized in niche product blending to meet customer specific requirements, and VersaFace is a great example. Versastique Low Melt can also be used in color cosmetics, personal care products, sun care products, hair care, skin care and health care.

If you want to learn more about the attributes of our gelled and solid stick technology, we can provide supporting clinical and in-vitro studies. Please contact your Penreco sales representative and our technical experts will be happy to find a solution that’s right for you.

Want a finished prototype* or a sample of Versastique Low Melt? Go here to request a sample.

*while supplies last

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